Welcome to Cauldron

This city is like no other. Home to a diverse population dedicated to carving out a living in a forbidding wilderness of unconquered, little explored land inhabited by war mongering hordes, hostile giants, and many other bloodthirsty monsters.

Lurking in every jungle, swamp, and mountainous pass these monsters threaten every inhabitant who sets forth from the protection of the city’s walls. No one goes unarmed or carelessly about least one of these horrors claims him or her as their next victim. Even with in the walls of
the city hidden under every flagon of ale, every warm hearth is the unspoken fear that today just might be the day that old Hookface will return from legend and swoop down upon the city roasting all alive with his fiery breath.

Hobgoblins, giants, and dragons are not the only perils this land has to offer the unwary. Flood, heat and ancient magic gone astray wait to claim the lives of the unprepared. The weather is often the worst enemy in these lands,and those who fail to give nature her due respect soon find themselves at her mercy.

Savage monsters and oppressing heat are not the only dangers facing the folk of Cauldron. Some dangers can’t easily be seen or felt, but they are nonetheless just as deadly. A host of evil organizations lurk in the shadows and nights of the city; waiting, plotting for their chance to bring their evil designs to life at the cost of Cauldron lives, liberty or even worst. Despite all these dangers there is still hope that Cauldron, the strangest of cities will be free of many of these dangers that now beset this land.

Led by the Lord Mayor, defended by her guard captain, and supported by her churches. The free city stands together in a mutual pact of common defense, commerce, and foreign relations.

Breaking Strain